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At Presto it is our stated aim to help every Student to become the best musician they can be. This can only be achieved if Students attend their classes regularly and do all the recommended home practice consistently. We want and need all students to attend every class possible so we can develop their true potential as a musician to the very best of their ability in as short a time as possible. Please help us to help you therefore all advance notice of student absences registered via this page will be digitally recorded for our records and student management. Where students have missed more than three classes during the course of the year or in the event of significant unforeseen circumstances and where all absences have been notified in advance via the website we will work with the student to bring them back on track. This may involve additional practice classes, homework or tuition and when provided will be solely at the companies discretion. Please note that if lessons are missed for any reason they do not accrue a cash value or debt between the company and the customer. The rationale for this is that we provide tuition based on full utilisation of available teachers in a group tuition environment. If a student does not attend a lesson the cost of having an empty seat in a class is exactly the same as it being occupied.  The school will close on all statutory holidays. Other than the Christmas Close down, lessons which clash with Bank Holidays will be rearranged to the nearest available weekday (normally the Friday before a Bank Holiday Monday) these arrangements will be communicated locally in advance of each holiday. Note - This does not apply to the Christmas break when the school is closed. May we remind you that our terms and conditions state that in return for your monthly fee Presto will provide one lesson per week for 47 weeks of the year. This is because we would normally expect students to be away from the school for three weeks of the year due to holidays or unforeseen circumstances plus the school is normally closed during the Christmas period. It should be noted that the school is normally open for 50 weeks of the year and students are welcome to attend the additional three classes should they wish to at no extra cost. Should you have any queries regarding this or any other aspect of tuition at Presto please speak to any member of staff.

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