Professional Electric and Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Liverpool, Warrington, Wrexham, Altrincham, Runcorn, and Manchester

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Fancy impressing the world simply by picking up a guitar? Well look no further as the journey for true Guitar Heroes starts right here at Presto.

Give us 45 minutes of your time and our Professional Guitar Teachers in Liverpool, Warrington, Wrexham, Altrincham, Runcorn, and Manchester will have you feeling and sounding like a true musician, reading music fluently and playing your favourite rock and pop tunes in no time.

Our team of EXCEPTIONAL guitar tutors are renowned for progressing your guitar skills rapidly. They have spent many years coaching and performing all over the world and will teach you a wide range of guitar styles and techniques including Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz and Blues.

Your Guitar Lessons at Presto will provide you with every skill required and the attitude it takes to become a true Guitar Legend.

Your Free Guitar Lesson – No Strings attached

We are so passionate about nurturing your talent that we will not charge you a penny for your guitar tuition until you have witnessed the dramatic effect that our amazing guitar techniques will have on your playing ability.

Whether you're 7 years old or prefer not to tell us, you can come along Free of Charge to see if learning to play guitar like the stars is for you.

Join as a complete beginner and let us take you right to the top of the professional ladder. Played before? No worries - hop in at any stage of your musical journey and let us show you what you can REALLY achieve with your guitar talent as we dramatically push your ability.

Grab an acoustic or turn up your electric guitar - whatever your preference, the Presto Guitar Team will strike the right chord and free the real musician in you.

Book your exclusive FREE Trial Guitar lesson in Liverpool, Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, Wrexham, Altrincham, Runcorn, or Manchester at one of our professional music schools NOW. Just click the link above and we’ll take care of the rest for you. Get ready to Rock!

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