Presto Remote Learning

How Does Remote Learning with Presto Music Work?

Presto’s Remote Learning System brings music lessons directly to the comfort of your home via a video link, using Skype, WhatsApp or any other popular video platform. We teach guitar, piano, keyboard, drums and vocal lessons to children and adults of any level. (Starting ages apply for some lessons) All you need is the instrument you wish to learn, WIFI and a mobile device you can use for your video lesson.

You will be assigned an appropriate inspirational Presto Music teacher who will be onhand to answer any questions. He or she will agree a time with you for your lesson(s) which will last around 10-15 minutes.

In your video lesson we will teach you there and then the things you need to get going immediately. Whether it’s a vocal technique to help you sing better in tune, how to play your first pop pieces on piano, your first epic guitar riffs and chords, or your first drum grooves, our experienced teachers will have you progressing straight away.

We will then send you the links to our on-line system. This is a HUGE library of videos created EXCLUSIVELY FOR PRESTO STUDENTS. It features custom written material to help students maximise their learning process.

We keep it fun and friendly, whilst you progress at pace!

FREE Remote Trial Lesson


It is just a time to see if you like our style, gain some great input and help on your journey to becoming a great musician.

If you would like to continue lessons with us after your FREE Trial and gain additional video lessons via our ‘Presto Student

Members’ on our YouTube channel then just let us know and we will sign you up. Our admin team will organise payment from you should you wish to enrol and away we go!

Do I Have To Sign A Long Contract For Lessons?

No. There is no long-term contract. If you wish to join us for more remote lessons then you just pay for a month in advance and you can stop at any time.

Interested? Here's what to do

  1. Contact us to rquest your FREE Remote Trial Lesson
    Facebook: @PrestoMusicUK Email:
  2. We will need to know:
    > Your phone number
    > Your email address
    > What instrument you prefer - keyboard, piano, drums, guitar or vocals,
    > Your experience/level e.g. beginner (all ages and experience welcome)
    > Days you can’t do
    > If you require any technical assistance setting up a video call
  3. We will confirm which of our inspirational teachers will contact you.
    They will message you directly to confirm a suitable time and day.

Data Protection

We absolutely will not share your data - your phone number, email address or any other contact info with anyone else outside Presto. We will only use your details in the administering of lessons you request and we will not pester / spam you.

Click here to read our Data Protection Policy