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Ever fancied tinkling those ivories? Imagine being able to play your favourite Pop, Rock or Classical piece with drama and skill.  Now stop imagining, because thanks to our ground breaking techniques we will show you how you can make it real in minutes...

London College of Music

Our true passion is to deliver outstanding keyboard and piano tuition using the acclaimed Presto! Keyboard & Piano Course; the only music course in the world recognised by the London College of Music. So if you’re serious about learning to play piano and keyboard using techniques guaranteed to make you successful, you have certainly come to the right place.

You’ll learn your favourite pop songs, great keyboard and piano classics and how to read music on your very first lesson.

Keyboard and Piano lessons for Children and Adults of all ages

Professional Keyboard and Piano lessons in Liverpool, Warrington, Wrexham, Altrincham, Runcorn, and Manchester are available for all budding musicians from the age of 5 years upwards to adults of all ages. Our hugely talented staff will have great pride sharing with you our leading edge methods to progress your piano and keyboard playing rapidly when you choose to join in the fun.

Presto Keyboard & Piano lessons are extremely popular with children as they learn alongside others their own age and ability in a fun, supportive environment. Long gone are the days when piano lessons were a chore! But you don’t have to be a child to enjoy the fun...

Specialist Adult Piano and Keyboard Lessons

You will LOVE our adult piano lessons. Come along and let us turn you into an amazing player in minutes using our proven unique teaching methods. You will be amazed by the professional results and magical way Presto turns you into a true musician in no time.

Did you know?

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Learning to play the piano or keyboard is actually the same thing. If you choose to learn keyboard, you are also learning to play piano – there’s very little difference. Presto’s style is flexible so you can study on both instruments and whatever your preference, you will learn ensemble and solo work and if you choose to take exams, our examination system is validated by the London College of Music. With QCA accreditation this means that having fun with Presto can help you get into University!

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