Presto Remote Learning FAQ's

Remote Learning FAQs

Will it work for me?

Most people are perfectly suited to our system as we tailor the lesson around YOU. The whole idea as that your remote learning video lesson is bespoke tutoring accompanied by a wealth of Presto Library resources which you have access to.

How will I know what to practice?

Your teacher will show you exactly what you need to play in week 1 and explain where the practice-assist videos are. You will get an email with the list of all the material you need. Click the link, and it will take you to the Presto Student Team Member only section of our YouTube channel.

Why are there 2 parts to the lesson system?

Our remote learning sessions are designed to capitalise on the BENEFITS of remote learning and deals with the challenges in a positive an innovative way. We use the 1 to 1 video call to see EXACTLY how you are getting on with your last lesson’s material and to isolate WHAT and HOW you need to be practicing next to ensure your absolute maximum progress. Second, the material we guide you to, create for you, and then follow up with you the following week is tailored to YOU. You have your very own teacher guiding you through what you need, how to do it, help you with your mistakes, help you to perform it better, and move you on with good progress into next week!

Do you teach group lessons like this?

No, and for good reasons: If you are in a class in one of our Presto Schools, your teacher can easily identify who needs a little assistance and can identify exactly what help to give. That is easy for our highly experienced teachers who can hear and see clearly what is going on within the class. Imagine if we did that via video and, momentarily, your video freezes for a second whilst you are mid-performance with the rest of your video class, but now you are out of time to everyone else?!? Then the moment you get your video link back, someone elses video freezes for a second or two…? These slight bumps in the video lesson are no problem at all when teaching 1 to 1 - they don’t happen that often and when they do, we are all used to them. However, they would totally disrupt even a class of just 2 students. We’ve tried and tested all kinds of systems. We have designed and created our Remote Learning System to focus on YOU and your musical progress in the best way possible.

Who does this system NOT usually suit?

The only real factors that would potentially make this type of tutoring much more challenging is if you don’t have Wi-Fi. The lesson is delivered via a video chat so decent Wi-Fi is always a help.

Have any more questions?

If so please don’t hesitate to contact us:
Message us via Facebook: @PrestoMusicUK

We look forward to seeing you for your next Remote Lesson with Presto Music.


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