Female SingerMale Singer


"I couldn’t praise or recommend this school more. After many years of attending with all our children, I feel confident enough to promise you and your child a journey you will never regret. My son in particular flourished as a musician, increased in confidence, and massively expanded his social circle after a drum course. The team recognised and nurtured a talent none of us realised he had, and he has come such a long way thanks to their guidance. We were not just a one off; many of the children and adult students have gained from the experience the tutors have, and speaking with other parents has only reinforced my belief that these are the best. Give them a chance; you’ll not regret it, and with the free intro lessons you’ve got nothing to lose!"

Simon Alsamarraie 10th August 2019


"WHAT A PERFORMANCE!!! We would like to say a huge thank you to Presto Music for a fantastic afternoon of entertainment. The quality of the performance, the range of music and the professionalism of the whole event was truly outstanding. Both children and staff loved every minute of the show and we have already received lots of replies for a FREE TRIAL LESSON."

Ysgol Deiniol Marchwiel (Wrexham Primary School) 2nd February 2017


"My son Dylan performed at your show yesterday - I just wanted to say that I thought the whole thing was absolutely brilliant from start to finish - it's easily the best kids' performance event I've ever been to! Thanks and well done for all the hard work and effort you and the team put into it - it was well worth it! I also think this has inspired Dylan to get a bit more involved at Presto as well..."

Paul McNicholas - Parent, Presto Warrington 24th October 2016


"I think you & your team at Presto deserve a big fat thank you from everyone. I'm sure that the time, effort & stress invested in organising & presenting this evening has been tremendous! It's a fantastic opportunity & a huge encouragement for the students. Brilliant to see them rock their little socks off!"

Rachael - Parent, Presto Wrexham 16th December 2015


"A big thanks for all the support that you and your team have given to me this year, and thanks for the opportunity to play at the Parr Hall; I had a fab time!"

Sorrell Davies - Drum Student, Presto Wrexham 15th December 2015


"I just want to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you for allowing Liam to be part of such a brilliant night at the Presto Music Awards last week. I can't imagine how much hard work and dedication went into the organisation of the event and it was truly a huge success! It is so clear that all of the staff genuinely care about all of the students, and it was so lovely to see the progress they are all making. The students are so lucky to have such a wonderful team around them. Thank you again - and a very happy 10th birthday to Presto!"

Sarah Cowley - Parent, Presto Warrington 15th December 2015


"Huge thanks for the fantastic evening of entertainment at the Parr Hall last Wednesday. The quality of the performances, the range of music and the professionalism of the whole event was truly outstanding. You have given our young people the opportunity to perform to a huge audience and build their self-confidence and love of music in the process. I'd like to thank all the Presto staff who were involved in the whole event - front of house and behind the scenes because without all your hard work this would not have been possible. From a personal perspective, Fiona loved every minute of the show and has since had a lot of positive comments from others about her performance - thanks to Dave for all his encouragement and coaching!"

Jenny Baxter - Parent, Presto Warrington 14th December 2015


"My shy and very reserved son has grown so much confidence and self worth as a result of him taking part in the Presto Awards concert. Thank you so much."
Alison Hookins - Parent, Presto Runcorn 14th December 2015


"My son Asher loves the drumming class on a Wednesday evening in Wavertree, Liverpool."
Tracey Caulfield - Parent, Presto Liverpool 11th December 2015


"I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of the Presto team who worked so hard to make last night's concert happen. Eloise thoroughly enjoyed the experience of performing as part of a band, and we all loved the evening. She performs with orchestra and with school groups on a regular basis, but this gave her a great opportunity to perform in a unique environment. Thanks again!"
Abigail Smith - Parent, Presto Warrington 10th December 2015

"I can't thank you enough for helping me progress from where I started and giving me the skills I was looking for. Dave, Abi and Harry have all been absolutely brilliant and it's been good to see your business go from strength to strength."
Keith Webber - Graduating Adult Student, Presto Wrexham 2nd December 2015


"Caitlin is loving her guitar lessons, and has come on no end thanks to all the great tuition. She has just made it into Arch Bishop Blanch via the music entry exam for next year, which was her number one school to attend! Thanks to Mickey and the rest of Presto for such great tuition. She thoroughly enjoys the whole experience which we all see."
Steve Smith - Parent, Presto Liverpool 15th October 2015


"When David Jones called to tell me my son Charlie had passed his Grade 2 keyboard exam with distinction, I was absolutely thrilled to bits. I couldn't wait to tell Charlie the great news and tell him how proud I am of him. Charlie has worked very hard with a determined commitment and enthusiasm to do well and I'm so pleased for him. However, this commitment and skill must also be attributed to the fabulous music school he attends, Presto Music.

David Jones has been teaching Charlie for over 5 years now and I have watched in awe as David balances the art of teaching and communication with the appropriate level of discipline, fun and encouragement. He injects passion and experience into every class, praising each child for their merits and encouraging them all relentlessly. Charlie loves his classes, he finds David an inspiration, in fact he once said to me, 'I'd love to be as good as David one day'.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to David and all the team at Presto for helping Charlie grow to be the talented little musician he is today. The school provides a creative, progressive environment for all the children and long may it continue. it's refreshing and inspirational to find such high standards of teaching.

With thanks from a very happy and proud Mum!"

Sam Blakley - Parent, Presto Warrington 9th December 2014


"All is good here thanks Dave, I hope you and yours are all well too. Fred is certainly coming on a treat, so thank you. Isaac is receiving a Music Award for Excellent Achievement at school next week. We are all so proud!"

Liz Hamilton - Parent, Presto Wrexham 4th December 2014


"I thought I'd take the time to offer you some feedback following on from the Presto Music concert that we were fortunate enough to watch yesterday.

The children absolutely loved the concert and it was just fantastic to see them so engaged, enthusiastic and excited. Following on from the visit, the Head and I have already heard many children say that they will be following up their excitement by bringing their reply slips back in so that they can get involved and continue to see more of the fantastic work that you're all doing at Presto Music. Children who would previously be unable to/uninterested in taking part in any musical activities are now inspired; something that is an absolute credit to what you are doing!

On be half of the children (and staff - who absolutely loved it too!) I would like to say a huge thank you and we look forward to hearing more about your work from the children."

Alex Kirkland - Music Coordinator, Norman Pannel Primary School 22nd October 2014

"Thank you so much to the Presto team for coming into our school this week. It was a great assembly with lots of fun activities. Thank you again!"

Janet Davenport - Deputy Head, Brookburn Primary School 19th October 2014


"My experience with Presto Music to date has been absolutely wonderful. The teacher is excellent, extremely flexible and very innovative. After having classical lessons for several years previously, I wish I'd met her years ago. Nothing is too much trouble at all. Paige and the Administration staff are all absolutely fantastic too; very helpful and lovely to speak to. I would highly recommend Presto as a company."

Rebecca Dewhurst – Adult Learner, Wrexham 19th June 2014


"Great night last night at the examinations awards evening in Liverpool! Well done Presto for working your magic with all the kids! Musicians played and sang really well! Fantastic!"

Lisa Maidment, 9th May 2014


"Just wanted to let you know that Jack played his drums in a Hanmers Got Talent Contest this week... He won the competition on Wednesday and has been awarded Musician of the Year today!! He is soo over the moon!"

Zoe Hockenhull, 19th July 2013


"Have only had 3 lessons but at the age of 37 am really enjoying the drum lessons. If my sons ever decide to take up a musical instrument I will definitely be booking them in at Presto!"

Pete Newton, 15th July 2013


"My son had his first free lesson with Dave at Sandymoor... he loved it! Thank you."

Tan Roberts - 1st June 2013


"I would like to thank Lori Holland for helping my daughter, Jessica, to achieve a Distinction in her Grade 2 Vocal exam. Lori also arranged a lovely concert at Liverpool Presto on Saturday 4th May and I was amazed and very proud of my daughter's fantastic singing and confident performance. She has progressed so much. Thank you Lori and to all at Presto. Keep up the good work!"

Mrs Joanne Dale - 14th May 2013


"I just wanted to drop you an email to say how much my husband & myself enjoyed the recent performance that Lori put on at Liverpool for the vocal students. Our daughter, Melissa McKenna, really enjoyed the afternoon & it was great to see how much she & the other students had improved. We look forward to the next one. Thanks Lori!"

Carolyn McKenna - 14th May 2013


"Hi there, I just wanted to say what a fabulous show Lori put on in Liverpool on Saturday with the Warrington students. Very impressive and David and Abi are learning so much from Lori, she is a star!"

Jeanette Dyson - Monday 8th May 2013


"I'm just writing to say how AMAZING you all performed at St. Oswalds Catholic Junior School on Thursday 21st of March!"

Erica Beatriz – Friday, 22nd March 2013


"Just thought I'd let you know we're very pleased with Henry and Isobel's lessons. Henry had to play in school last week and went down brilliantly it seems! Everyone clapped and his teacher was very impressed, tho more importantly, they're both enjoying it :-) "

Margaret Knew, Parent at Presto Wrexham - Thursday, 21st March 2013


"Really impressed so far; Ella looks forward to her drum lessons and Stu is always friendly, enthusiastic and fun but firm with the children. Keep up the great work and I'd recommend you to friends & family without hesitation!"

Cathie, Parent at Presto Warrington - 7th March 2013


"Thank you! Josh is really enjoying the lessons."

Liz Burrows-Williams, Parent at Presto Wrexham - 5th March 2013


"I have singing lessons with Amy every Monday and I'm loving it! I've noticed some subtle differences with my voice already and I'm hoping to continue to improve. I feel really positive about the whole experience with Presto. Excellent! Thank you."

Clare Whitey - Adult Student at Presto Liverpool – 26th February 2013


"I'd like to say that signing up for lessons via Presto has been one of the best decisions I've ever made; I'm really getting into my guitar playing again (I took the lessons as I had a long break from guitar and was out of practice). I'm really looking forward to also going for the Rockschool exam and getting a qualification at the end."

Gareth Nelson – 8th March 2013


"I would like to say Elizabeth really enjoys her lessons and her teacher Jack is fabulous. Thanks very much and I have nothing but praise for the approach and calibre of staff. Giving our kids aspiration to do more and see more is key, and you guys help us do that. Thank you!"

Jan Holding – 18th April 2012

"Just a short e-mail to say thanks for your help earlier this week with regard to your company, I attended the 45-minute introductory class today with Mike and it was excellent. Signed up and already set up the Direct Debit etc. I learned much more than I imagined in the first lesson and can't wait for the next. Certainly a great choice of company and will hopefully be attending for many more sessions!"

Mike Bradshaw – 21st March 2012


"Your music school has totally inspired my daughter. Amina is now on grade 4 and absolutely loves it!"

Cathy Houda – 21st February 2012 (N.B. Amina is still at primary school!)


"I would like to take this opportunity to say how pleased we are with Gerard’s progression during the very short time he has been with Presto. We were sold at the free induction with regard to the professionalism of your organisation but also with Stuart’s enthusiasm. Gerard showed an interest in drums and we searched the internet for lessons and came across Presto.

The information in your pack is certainly reflected in the human aspect of your Company, Stuart has passed on an amazing amount of knowledge to Gerard in such a short time, to showcase six pieces of music with rhythm and beat and to be able to discuss other aspects that he has learnt during the lesson in front of an audience of strangers certainly is a massive achievement.

Does Stuart know just how good he is communicating with his students? Such a natural teacher, he would leave a lot of primary school teachers standing, I am extremely impressed and certainly hope that Gerard continues for some time with his lessons, as you put it in your Parents pack I do not doubt he will gain a quality music education along with the other ten benefits you quite rightly include. Thank you to Stuart and well done, he deserves every success that comes his way.

I don't want to finish the email without passing on our thanks to the other team member who stepped in whilst Stuart was away you all work brilliantly. It’s important to us to know that our children are in a happy and caring environment in all that they do and in Presto we have found that."

Karen Lally – 19th October 2011


"We were delighted to receive your letter and 'Star of the Week Certificate' for James on the 11 July. James was 'over the moon' to get the certificate and has framed it and put it on his bedroom wall. We are very pleased with the progress that James is making, not only in his learning of the keyboard and music but also in the enormous self confidence that the lessons are giving him. Mike does an excellent job with James and all of the other pupils. He is clearly an asset to your team and his exceptional enthusiasm and the tremendous encouragement that he gives are pleasantly infectious. He is certainly getting the best out of James, who thinks Mike is 'awesome'. For those who have undergone a more 'traditional' (often boring) approach to learning music, we find the methods that Presto take extremely refreshing and exciting. We are particularly pleased that your style not only concentrates on the individual and their needs but also focuses on making learning music fun and enjoyable."

Anthony & Liz Higgins – 23rd July 2011

"That was great today Dave. Jamie is over the moon! He's been sending pictures of his trophy to his friends etc. He's come right out of his shell thanks to you. I would never have imagined he'd have the confidence to sit in front of so many people and play so well. Thank you for everything you have all done, it's not only made us feel extremely proud, it's given Jamie what I (and he) hope is a taste of things to come. You've made Jamie feel very special."

Simon Alsamarraie 5th July 2011, re his son drumming for the entire show (!) with the Presto Roadshow at his old primary school.


"Thank you for the farewell message the other day, I've been so busy, sorting out everything for my going back flight and finally I've just arrived in my country just a few days ago. I really enjoyed the lessons and all teachers were friendly, kind and fantastic, I didn't even expect I could improve my skill that much! I'd look forward to showing my playing to teachers every single week, and every time teachers gave me really effective advice or tip which I couldn't come up with on my own. I think that really helped a lot for my improvement. Definitely it was one of my most enjoyable times in the UK. I'll keep up my music career and hope I can learn music with you guys again someday! Many thanks to you again and just say hello to teachers for me x Thank you, Hiro"

Hiroaki Suzuki – 4th June 2011

"Just to let you know how fantastic it was for my son to do a drum lesson with Starsailor's Ben Byrne this Saturday. He was absolutely over the moon and wants to be just like Ben when he grows up now!!!! He loves their music and just can't believe Ben was sitting next to him and teaching him. I can't think of a better way to inspire young musicians than that!! Also, what a nice guy. Thanks a lot, we are delighted with the progress our son has made with his drumming, you run a fantastic school and your staff are a credit to you."

Mark Wenham – 15th January 2011


To all the Team at Presto, I have been meaning to write to you for a while and after last Thursday's performance at the Piano Bar, it's prompted me! Max has been coming to Presto for a year now and it's the one activity he never ever has complained about doing! He loves playing drums and thinks Chris is the best drummer in the world! (which, Chris if you read this, obviously you are!).

Everyone is always friendly and nothing is too much trouble. Your methods of teaching music are wonderful and it constantly amazes me how much Max has learnt in a year. Then to top it off, you put on Rocktober! I know you have done these before but it must have been incredibly hard work and I realize how much time and effort by you all must have been put in, but as a parent – Thank you! To see all the kids having an amazing time performing and the level of maturity and musicianship by them all was fantastic. From Max's perspective, he had the best time ever and loved every minute of it. I'm looking forward to Max staying on at Presto and thank you all again."

Abbi Burton – 4th November 2010


"Thanks to Calum, Chris , Dave and all at Presto Music for their help in Rebecca Kelly winning Bellerive`s school year Certificate for Academic Achievement in Music for year 09/10 presented at The Metropolitan Cathedral Of Christ The King. Without your help it would not have been possible. Cannot praise and recommend Presto Music enough. Thanks."

John and Cath Kelly – 4th December 2010


"Our kids absolutely love their lessons with you- it's great to see them come bounding out of their lessons with great big smiles on their faces, desperate to show you all the things they've been learning."

Neil Fitzmaurice, Radio Presenter for Radio City 96.7 - 11th January 2010

"After having private lessons as a child on a one to one basis and focusing mainly on theory, I have begun to re-learn the piano as an adult with Presto. I find that this is a much more enjoyable experience, learning in a relaxed environment. The lessons are fun and varied each week and I am able to provide an input as to pieces I would like to learn too. I am under no pressure to learn the piano academically as I simply enjoy playing as a hobby which is wholly supported by the staff at Presto."

Steph Chalk – 17th October 2009

"All three of my sons absolutely love their lessons at Presto. We attend for Keyboard, Drums and Guitar and they have been with Presto since the beginning. It's been a delight to watch their musical talents grow with them."

Helen Bradshaw – 9th October 2009


"This place is amazing. I have never seen my son so enthusiastic about anything in his life- ever. What can I say? Brilliant!"

Peter Monks – 18th Sept 2009


"Awesome- your tutors are a real credit to you. I do believe you have got something very special here."

Phill Hilton – 1st September 2009


"My eight year old son started learning guitar at Presto in January and he absolutely loves it! The teachers and all the staff are great sources of inspiration and make learning real fun. In the short amount of time Tom has been playing, I can't believe how good he sounds already. He's always practising and even performs 'living room concerts' for friends and family occasionally! Presto is a brilliant place for both children and adults to learn. Highly recommended."

Lisa Baker – 1st July 2008


"The music lessons supplied by Presto are, in short, fantastic! Our two girls both attend the school for different sessions - one guitar, the other drums. I have been massively impressed not only by the invigorating lessons provided but how this is supported with excellent customer service. As a busy working mum, the less 'taxi-driving' I have to do, the better. Presto were able to cater around the girls' busy schedule meaning both attend their lessons at the same time and I only have to take them once a week. The teachers are brilliant - very supportive, young, talented and professional. They have some wonderful (sometimes wacky) ideas and the girls love attending. Congratulations to all at Presto on an excellent business, ten out of ten!"

Mrs Angela Peters - September 2008


"Since I started lessons at the school, the quality and balance of activities in my life is much improved. Commitment to regular music lessons has enabled me to set boundaries around how much time I spend on work (which I love) and play. I have a much healthier outlook and balance on life. When I tell people how much fun I am having, many say "I wish I could play a musical instrument", then I recommend Presto"

Susie Marreiros - 20th May 2008


"I joined Presto to learn the piano a few months ago (as an adult I wasn't sure I would be able to find a school where I could learn) - I had never previously played an instrument nor read music so they had a bit of a challenge with me! Although I'm still very much a beginner, I am thoroughly enjoying my lessons - spurred on by a very enthusiastic teacher my confidence is growing with each lesson. I would thoroughly recommend Presto to anyone of any age who is keen to learn in a fun and friendly environment."

Carmena Woods - 17th December 2007


"The results attained by Presto Music School candidates greatly exceed the national LCM average. Since January 2005 over half of all candidates entered continually achieve a Distinction. Over 86% achieved a Merit or Distinction in the Spring 2009 session – and the overall Pass rate is 100%. This represents an extraordinary record of achievement and success. Congratulations to all the students and teachers at Presto! It is always a pleasure talking and working with Presto Music."

Philip Aldred Chief Examiner in Music London College of Music Examinations Thames Valley University


"Presto is a great achievement, characterized by a thoroughly practical, common sense approach. The choice of music combines plenty of old favourites with some imaginative, specially composed material. Traditional theory is painlessly drip-fed throughout, and the explanations are foolproof. Presto is attractively presented and has been intelligently thought through by two experienced practitioners in the field. I do not know a better introduction to the electronic keyboard."

Julian McNamara MA (Oxon) FRCO Director of Music The Oratory School Oxford


"The Presto course and LCM Exam Syllabus are far more relevant to today's musician. They feature all the required musical skills, producing a more well-rounded musician than the traditional classical piano route."

Janice Pounds Music Education Officer Warrington Borough Council


"Presto. Where do I start? Yes it is a music school; you pay your fees monthly, you have lessons weekly on your chosen instrument, and if you want to you can proceed to take an exam. What else does one need to know? As a parent we want to know how our child is doing, how to help, what books are needed and the list goes on. Presto can answer your questions.

At Presto all I can say is that it is like a second home the way one would sort out things within a family setting is not dissimilar to Presto. I have two children attending Presto and I have seen them develop since day one. With both keyboards and drums the children have gained the ability to read the music appropriate to their grades. This we would expect but they have also grown in confidence. Weekly lessons have several children attending one class. A down side? NO! The teachers know each child by name, the grade and the piece they are currently working on. The pupil has time to play their piece, continue with it or move on to the next piece having been given guidance by the teacher. No pressure added as each child proceeds at their own pace. The younger child always has feedback from the teacher to ensure parents know how they can assist at home with that child's own weeks work programme. This may be written, verbal or both. With an older child or adult this feedback is given throughout the lesson.

As the pupil continues working through the specially written Presto books the opportunity to gain something different each week and the excitement of playing something new is there. Sometimes children don't want to practice so the teachers are there again supporting you to give tips and encouragement to both pupil and parent. A favourite tune may be devised and the child is back on the road self-motivated. Apart from the weekly lessons other courses are offered. These I recommend as the child learns other elements of music. The school also holds presentation evenings which gives opportunity for any of the pupils to participate and perform a piece of their choice on stage. This is a wonderful evening, and it is great to see your child having the confidence to do this because they want to and not because they have been chosen as the best.

As an adult we say "we wish we had been able to access a school like Presto when we were young"! Music has no boundaries, and Presto from our family experience has no end of patience. From the very, very young to the very, very old - oh is that a tune coming on? Get down to Presto! Thank you to the Presto team from Nora Peake and family."

Nora Peake - 26th June 2008