Student Reports, Tracking and Communication

Dear Parent/Carer,

The A4 sheets attached to the inside front cover of the student's books is their progress tracker. This invaluable document is very similar to that which we use internally to track students progression through the Presto Course systems / Rockschool syllabus. Everything from technical exercises and performance pieces to aural training and theory are covered.

A handful of students are currently transitioning from one module to another so they will be issued with new trackers in the coming weeks.

These documents are a checklist for your teacher to tick off the level of completion of each element within the course.  The version that each student is being given is relevant to the specific level within the syllabus that they are at.

Every student will be able to make great use of these tracking forms, whether they are just 4 years old and playing for fun, through to our Diploma Students and everyone in between.


Once the entire form is complete then the student can take either of the following steps:


Please note that Assessments are not intended to take the place of exams, far from it in fact. Assessments help the students with short-term goal setting as they are designed to be taken quarterly (all of which are optional, you could do them annually or not at all should you wish).

As you can imagine, preparing all the material required for an exam can be a challenge in itself, without the added pressure of not being used to a one to one exam environment. Assessments are relaxed, highly supportive events that give us opportunity to sign off significant bodies of work and facilitate the student's true sense of progression through each Grade. This is all done in a modular format, making the comprehensive coverage of each Grade more manageable. As part of the Assessment we issue a detailed written report and a certificate. 

Students who are working toward an exam will use their tracker to clearly see exactly what needs to be practiced.  Anything which has been ticked in class requires to be worked on at home. This allows parents and carers to see where their child is up to at any given time. The trackers are often used in conjunction with the books as these sheets will refer you to specific pages/exercises etc.

This whole process is to designed to ensure the following:


Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your teacher or reception.

Best regards,

David A Jones (BA)
Presto Music Schools